Philippe Voruz

Philippe Voruz is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology at the University of the Geneva. He holds a M.Sc in Affective Psychology and a B.A in Psychology. Philippe studies the functional  specialization and integration of the basal ganglia during emotional habit formation and expression with patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, basal ganglia and cerebellar stroke as well as healthy participants, with the support of a Swiss National Fundation Project grant.


Peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals

  • Benis, D., Haegelen, C. Voruz, P., Pierce, J., Milesi, V., Houvenaghel, JF., Vérin, M., Sauleau, P., Grandjean, D., & Péron, J. (Accepted) Subthalamic nucleus oscillations during vocal emotion processing are dependent of the motor asymmetry of Parkinson’s disease. Neuroimage.
  • Voruz, P., Assal, F. & Péron, J. (In press) [Are there any neuropsychological sequelae of COVID-19?] Revue de Neuropsychologie.
  • Voruz, P., Le Jeune, F., Haegelen, C., N’Diaye, K., Houvenaghel, JF., Sauleau, P., Drapier, S., Drapier, D. Grandjean, D., Vérin, M., & Péron, J. (In press) Motor symptom asymmetry in Parkinson’s disease predicts emotional outcome following STN DBS: An 18FDG-PET study. Neuropsychologia.